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There are three options for meeting travellers

Owners deliver to nearby airports

Travelers pick up the car at the owner’s location

Owners deliver to custom locations around town, within a set radius

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Car Hire Company

If you have planned to visit the new city, then roaming with the car will be the perfect option. But one cannot carry his favorite car everywhere. In such a case, Car hire companies are the best companions for enthusiastic travelers who love to transit the city with ultra modern cars. There are many companies in New Zealand to rent the best cars in the world to the customers and Big City Rollers has become a pioneer in this field within a short span of time. This company offers more cars with massive features and it is your decision to hire a car of your choice and make the trip more joyful and cherished one.

Customer is the king of business

Before choosing the best car hire company, travelers must do a thorough analysis in various aspects and make the wise choice. Effortless booking is the soul of car hiring service because customer’s basic requirements should be fulfilled initially. Since, every tourist has different tour plans and the stay at the city may differ. So, we will definitely provide flexible plans for one-way trips, offers for local and long distance tour packages. Recommendations are always provided to the customers based on their history along with recent search through and many packages are offered to the regular visitors of our site. There are many options for new comers to the city of New Zealand. Customers are capable of providing the best suggestions on the work of business and it is the prime duty of the owner to get feedback in order to modify the working scenario. These are the fantastic ways of attracting more customers to avail the Getme Taxi service. You can also download dectar's uber clone script.

Technology advancements

Smart phones are the inevitable part of each person and integration of smart phone compatible products along with booking service can improve good rapport with the customers. Big City Rollers has the customizable application in order to provide all the information to the customers in a user-friendly way. A safe and secure payment is assured to the customers and they are also provided with an option of mobile wallet and many more pay services. With an increasing alert of global warming, car hiring companies have moved to hybrid cars which is pollution free and also demanded by more customers who concern about the environment. Electric Vehicles is another kind of car which is more demanded by customers as we have implanted many charge points throughout the city. The tourists will not be running out of fuel in any regard. One of the key factors of our success is that we are active in social media and the customers feel comfortable after interacting with us in social media.

Best service provider

Localization is the key factor in our success because our site is localized to make it optimally available for the travelers to make their booking even easier. Social media is the best platform to share the experiences and the feedback about the ride. To reduce the complexity, we have taken a step ahead to register their ride with us using Facebook or Google Plus accounts. Communicating directly with the service provider will be helpful to clarify all your doubts and our support team is available around the clock to satisfy the requirements. We are very transparent in quoting the price for car rental and the hidden taxes and prices are never charged by us. Besides the business and leisure customers who hire the car, there are bleisure costumers who visit the city frequently. We provide the best service in order to make them balance their trip for business and leisure.